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Product Overview

The more intelligence and effective way to order ONLINE in Puerto Rico. Using our interactive menus, you can place an order and it will arrive directly to the store. Yes, that's all.

Ordenaloaqui use thousands of coding lines to make an interaction between the store and the OrdenaloAqui's user that is placing the order. Also, we notify all the process of the placed order in order to keep our users with all the last information about theirs orders.

  • Category, Town and Store name filtering.
  • Selection of lots of available items
  • Friendly user account creation and edition
  • One-Click re-order of your favorites
  • Select pick-up time on your order
  • Directions and maps to your nearly Store.
  • Get connected to our Social Networks all time.

Our Features

Did you ready for this? Let us show you...

Online Ordering

Make your order in your preferred place and keep out of the line.

Secure Online Payments

Our users are able to make ONLINE payments thru our payment gateway.

Administrator Panel

We also offer an Admin-Panel to bring the availability to the Store to change any information at any time and in real-time.


We keep our users notified about their orders and other specials offers by Stores.

Interactive Catalog

We have many Stores and make their item available in an interactive way.

Unlimited Online Orders

Our Stores can receive unlimited orders by our users increasing their incoming revenues.

Data Entry

OrdenaloAqui is responsible of enter all the information and products from the Stores.

In-Progress Smart-POS

With our cloud-based Smart-POS, the Store is able to make orders locally on the front-end of their location.

OrdenaloAqui Statistics


The following charts are based on one of our currently active Store. Results may vary upon Stores.

Avergate Ticket

25% Amount increment per order using online platform.

The Average Ticket value is always more ONLINE than OFFLINE. Our users just pick more choices in our ONLINE services than the typically in-line, waiting to be served process. Less stress and more comfortable process make you able to pick what you wants instead what you can.

Hourly Amounts Percentages

100% Efficient in rush hours.

Based on our analysis, our users place orders at high demanding hours like shows on this graph. On the interval of 10-11AM and 4-6PM we confirm an increment on the ONLINE orders due to the rush hours.

Order Amounts

20% Monetary increment in one year

The Business's Total Amount Incomes for the ONLINE service was increased for about 20%. That is, 20% of your incomes comes from our ONLINE platform. According to the online ordering standrads, that value should be around 10% to 15%. Rock on!!!.

Orders Quantity

+ 15% Orders increment in one year.

As per the previously Total Amounts, the orders quantity for the ONLINE service is also increasing. At the month of October and from the Business total orders quantity, the ONLINE platform was on the 18.51% of it.

Five Minutes Interval Summary

15% Continues orders every 5 minutes.

As you can see on this chart, the Orders Quantity for each five minutes’ interval still over 15% of the total cuantity. That is, every five minutes you receive thru the ONLINE platform at least the 15% of your total orders.

OrdenaloAqui.com Recommendation

98% Of our online users recommend OrdenaoAqui.com.

We get this fact analyzing the surveys that we sent to our online users every week. Whithin on that survey, we also ask about the Store areas and final product or service. Placing an order in our platform, you can receive this survey to bring your opinion and rate your order process.

Vision and Strategy

Orderaloaqui.com is a system designed with the purpose of facilitating and expanding real-time interaction between companies and their customers. This product allows customers to order any product or service online, from any Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Laptop. Also, it contains a robust system of notifications between the company and its client which allows to distribute information of immediate and effective way and, in turn, to realize businesses with greater opportunities and better benefits.

Provide a service of speed, quality and efficiency to all customers.

Promote the development of medium and small companies using the latest technology in a simple way.

Offer a high quality tool in accordance with the existing technology with the purpose of facilitating the service to all those small and medium companies existing in Puerto Rico.

To achieve that all companies of Puerto Rico were in the required competitive level that they clients demands today.

Our Pricing

Selected prices for specific needs.


No sharing access to your single or multiple Stores.

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