OrdenaloAqui, LLC brings to you the capabilities to manage your Store in a real-time environment. Our Admin-Panel have all the details of your Store including your items and Store information. Edit and you are Done!

OrdenaloAqui, LLC : Our Four Important Areas

Online Ordering: All our users can make online orders directly to your Store. You can receive them, already paid, directly in our Smart-POS or in one of our wireless terminals.

Administrator Panel:With our Admin-Panel you can view your sales, active/deactivate items or even open or close your online Store.

Users Notification: All your users will be notified about their orders. Also, if you like to add anopther product on your list, they can be notified as well.

In-Progress Smart-POS: With our Smart-POS you can make order locally in your Store. In addition, you can manage all your items and add new products as you want. Our road-map schedule to complete our Smart-POS is on June, 2019.

Local Support

We are located at locally in Puerto Rico and we can bring the support that you need at any moment.

Detailed Reports

We can prepare reports based on any detailed information like minutes, items hits, users per items and so on.

Coding Owners

OrdenaloAqui, LLC was created by ourselves and no additional resources, out of our own hands, was requested.

Social Media

All new Stores, products, offers and everything are posted in our Social Network like Facebook, Twitter ans others.

What else OrdenaloAqui can offer?

OrdenaloAqui, LLC brings to you the flexibility to admin, edit, active/deactivate any items that you have in your Store. Within our Admin-Panel, you can modify your items in a real-time environment by your own. Also, we can send broadcast notifications to those users that have been ordered in your Store. Visit our ADMIN-PANEL today.

Why chose us?

It's simple, we have what you want! We can push your business to the next level integrating our online ordering platform. In addition, we own the OrdenaloAqui, LLC codes and, for that reason, we are able to make any changes, upgrades, detailed request and also dedicated services. We can achieve your individual needs.

Call now at 787-246-6575 or and get your ONLINE Store Now!

We can help you with that.