We kept our customers with all last information and notified all the time. Anyhow, any doubt can show up at any moment. For that reason, we create a FAQ section to inform our users about any particular issues on your order process.

You do not have to register to order in OrdenaloAqui.com but we recommend you register so that the ordering process is faster and more accurate.

Here the information that we will request to you on your Registration page or placing an order:
Name/Last Name: Used to identify the order. They will appear on the receipt of the order.
Email: This will be used as your username to enter your account in addition, will be used to send you orders receipts, account change information, receive specials, promotion and special events of the stores. (This latter option can be disabled by logging into your account.).
Mobile Number: It will be used to send you by text message the notifications of orders such as: received order, accepted order and rejected order. It could also be used to send you account change information and / or receive specials, promotions and special events from the merchants.
Password: This will be used to confirm that you are the person authorized to enter the account.

Yes. OrdenaloAqui.com uses an encryption system to protect the passwords of its users. In addition, we request you to change your password on time intervals by using your registered email with OrdenaloAqui.com.

Yes. Navigation on all platforms of OrdenaloAqui.com are protected by SSL security protocols (SHA-2, 2048-bit encryption). In this way, we ensure that the connection between the user and orderaloaqui.com is protected at all times.

Yes. Once you enter to your account, the name will appear on the page. You then click k on the name to view the account's information and edit it as well.

Password: On the login page, just press I Forgot My Password. The system then requests you to enter your email to send you renewal information.
Email: You can look for your User Account confirmation email and contact us with your user ID. If not founded, contact us for additional support.

No. OrdenaloAqui, LLC and/or www.ordenaloaqui.com will not add additional charges to the user, nor their Restaurants or Food Trucks registered on our platform. Any order fee will be notified before implemented.

All online orders will be pay when you place an order in ordenaloaqui.com. You can use your credit card for your payment.

Yes. Each Store has its own rule in how much will be the minimum required to accept an online order.

In the general information of the Store page, you can press "Delivery" to see if they accept it and if so, they show you the Delivery available zones.

Yes. Each Store has its own rule in how much will be the minimum required to accept an order with Delivery.

When you place the order, a text message notification will be sent to the number registered in your account and you also will receive an email confirming that the order was received by the merchant. Once received by the Store, it will accept or reject the order and will be notified by text message and email indicating the status of your order.

Yes. The Store has the decision to accept or reject the orders for the following reasons:
Product: Lack of an item. Delivery: Problems to make the delivery.

When a Store cancel an order, our system automatically make an INVOICE of your order and then you will receive a notification with the INVOICE number and the total amount. Depending on the issued bank, the INVOICE can take from two to three days.

You must expose the situation to the Store with the receipt of the confirmation that we send you through the text message and / or email. Once the Store confirms the transaction, they will decide the action to take. (OrdenaloAqui, LLC and / or www.ordenaloaqui.com is not responsible for the quality or handling of the products of our merchants.)

Yes. This will be at the discretion of the Store. We advise you to try to call the Store as soon as possible to cancel the order. The Store will decide whether to cancel or not.

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