Who We Are?

OrdenaloAqui, LLC was born on the year of 2012 due to the need to get more time at the lunch time because one hour was not enough. With that on mind, Jorge Mulero and Otto Rosario begins to interviews local owners, investigate about online ordering services in order to develops a platform that permits people order their food thru the Internet. Thru our Online Ordering System, our users can select what they want and when they want. We offer a dynamic sort of products and daily offers from our Stores. Also, our user can re-order any order from the history list, search by Stores, Towns or also current coordinates.

We introduce our first Online Ordering System demo environment in February 2014 and using PayPal as our payment gateway. Our customers enjoy the platform and also make good comments about. After a new payment gateway integration in our platform, web-server migrations and other technical changes, we launch our Online Ordering System production platform to all Food Truck and Restaurants on October 2015.

Right now, Ordenaloaqui, LLC is open for any Store’s categories like Food, Health, Motors, Beauty Salons, and others. Also, we will introduce our Smart-POS on which you will have online/local ordering, reports, products administration, notifications... ALL-IN-ONE product.

Our Mission

Our Mission is clear

Offer a high quality tool in accordance with the existing technology with the purpose of facilitating the service to all those small and medium companies existing in and out Puerto Rico.

To achieve that all Stores were in the required competitive level that they clients demands today.

6 Years’ Experience

Our experience is all you need

During these six years, we increase our knowledge on the programming side. Also, we had had to deal with several technical issues that has enforced what OrdenaloAqui, LLC is today. This market is well changing and challenging, but we have worked hard to be able to place ourselves where we are today and we will continue in that road.

In addition to our OrdenaloAqui, LLC experience, we both have a bachelor degree on Science of Electronic Technology Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon Campus. He have also experience on electrical circuits, telecommunications, digital circuits, networking and programing (html, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP).

Why Choose Us?

why OrdenaloAqui, LLC is different than any other platforms

Even when we are well positioned, we have some company names rounding around us that offers similar services and also closed ones, but at this point we were able to achieve more than a typical online ordering system like others. Let us show you.

  • Smart-POS
  • Online Ordering
  • Secure Online Payments
  • Notifications
  • Interactive Catalog
  • Unlimited Online Orders
  • Data Entry
  • Administrator Panel
  • One-Click re-ordering Services
  • Users Accounts
  • Pick-Up time Services
  • Store Maps & Directions
  • Social Networking
  • Over 4,000 Processed Orders
  • More than 15,000 ordenaloaqui.com Web Pages visits

We can deal with

  • Reporting Using our Administrator Panel
  • Smart-POS Make local and receive online orders
  • Structure Data Entry We enters all your data in our databases. After that you will be able to edit by your own.
  • Local Support We are here, were you at?

Based on you needs, we can offer you more options.

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